Our Services

Social Media Audit ($100)

This service is meant for the business owner or entrepreneur who wants direct feedback on their current social media marketing efforts. One of our marketing specialists will create an in-depth audit of your three most used social media accounts and record a voice message telling you how you can improve your marketing efforts where weak or maximize your marketing efforts where strong. All audits will then have recommended next steps according to current marketing trends in the state of Hawaii per platform.

Maximize Your Marketing ($297)

A strateguc consultation, this package is meant for the entrepreneurs that currently use social media but want a bigger bang from their marketing efforts. In our time together we’ll either outline all of your marketing assets and perfect your niche brand messaging OR identify your ideal audience, layer your online and in-person execution strategy. Both options will include a report containing all of the key points we talked through during our time together. This plan will be so specific that it can be incorporated into a business plan, grant proposal or funding opportunity that requires a specific marketing plan.

Plan For Profit Group Experience ($29/mnth)

A subscription based monthly Business & Marketing group training program, Plan For Profit Group Experience is meant for the entrepreneur or business owner that wants to simplify and streamline their to-do list. Every month you’ll receive a business template, a Q&A call with our Founder, the behind the scenes look on how we run our business and a monthly accountability tracker to keep you motivated and reward you for taking action. Everything is done with Facebook so it’s as easy as possible for you to focus on growing your business. Think of it like a gym membership- if you work the program works.

Website Overhaul & Optimization

This package is meant for the entrepreneur and small business owner that does not have a website or that has a website with low to mediocre conversion rates. In Hawaii the first thing people look for when interested in your business is your website so our branding specialist will create or redesign a site that reflects you with custom colors, fonts, and language to represent exactly what your brand stands. The goal is that your site be a reflection of your brand, enticing people contact you directly.

In-house Social Media Marketing Training

This package is meant for the business serious about targeted marketing. We’ll spend 4-hours together to create a strategic marketing campaign that includes your ideal audience, brand messaging, strategic niche market identification and paid advertising strategy. We will dedicate time to teach your team how to use and implement the strategies we discuss for your business. Topics to cover include paid advertisement, copy writting, videography, website development, social media prompts & squares, sales funnels and engagement tactics.

Marketing Campaign Contracts

Meant for the established medium-sized business, this package is a 100% customized to support your marketing goals. With this contract we’ll bring on any and all members of our creative team to make sure that your marketing push is on fleek! Completely tailored to your business, our plan of action will be built specifically to support your goals. These contracts include a variety of online marketing, targeted paid advertising, influencer marketing, graphic & video creation, sales funnels & strategies to fit your businesses needs.


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