HI000 is a social media agency built for locals by locals. Co-founded by bestselling author Sarah Paikai and data marketing expert Kajana Movery, HI000 makes social media simple for your business.

At HI000, we are obsessed with growing small businesses and the power of social media that helps local business owners get more local business. We’ve worked with several big businesses from the mainland and amassed a ton of knowledge on the world of internet marketing and decided that we want to bring all of these practices back home to the local community.

As an agency, our #1 mission is to build your business a following of customers and clients. We focus on the power of authentic storytelling and strategic action to connect you to your market. The stories we share on our business page and blog highlight inspirational people, businesses, and organizations in Hawaii that are making a difference.

Over the years we’ve worked with local business owners in various industries (including retail, health & wellness, food & beverage, fashion, non-profit organizations and more)

If you’re ready to grow your business and connect to your customers we can’t wait to help you!